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Mar 27, 2015


From fast-paced metropolitan cities to beach towns outlined by oceans and palm trees, each city possesses its own character and charm. Designer and Illustrator Hyo Taek Kim creates The Colors of Cities, a 10-city series including Amsterdam, New York, Paris, Phuket, London, Los Angeles, São Paulo, Seoul, Shanghai and Tokyo. Each poster illustrates the colorful personalities of top destinations, along with latitude and longitude coordinates. For those with wanderlust, each city is also available for purchase as a framed print, throw pillow, wall clock and tote bag here.

Mar 26, 2015


It's not very hard to notice that everywhere you go these days, you inevitably come across homes or commercial establishments which are decked out in white-washed bricks walls, exposed ceilings and dangling lighting cables. Throw in some rugged light colour wood and Eames chairs for good measure.  

Indeed, it is quite the unexpected trend that, despite our nation's love for all brands France and Italy where fashion is concerned, we have (strangely) absorbed the Scandinavian look into our abodes wholeheartedly. I can't stop asking myself lately how and when exactly did Singaporeans fall in love with this style. Is it because people are starting to realise that an authentic and simple approach to decorating, as opposed to a swanky, polished look which is popular just years earlier, is beauty in itself? Is this the natural progression from the always popular contemporary style? Or is this another effect of the mighty influence of interior design magazines and websites again?
Fact is, I really do not know if this is all just a fad. For an example, look no further than the crystal chandelier, the must-have accessory everybody (well, almost) has to own at home less than a decade ago. I think the main point here when deciding on the Scandinavian theme - or in fact any design styles - is to really understand one's personal style and not give in to the temptation of recreating the same décor which impressed you in a friend's house, a decoration magazine or even a café just a week before. Otherwise, you'll grow out of the look sooner than you settle the renovation bills!
In the meantime, if you are a keen lover of the Scandinavian or Nordic style, I have this lovely blog which is beautifully written and stuffed full of lived-in interior photography to share. Enjoy...

Mar 5, 2015


This coastal style home located by the sea in South Africa is brilliant in every aspect. We love the use of natural materials and nature-inspired colour scheme running through the entire space. It's tranquil yet exciting to live in at the same time. We're dying to have a staycation here (if that is even remotely possible)! Link