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Feb 3, 2006


Happened to catch this TV programme discussing about Fengshui the other night... The feature reminded me of a project some time back last year.

Now, anyone who knows a thing or two about fengshui will tell you that sleeping under a beam is a big taboo. The couple in the project, being avid believers of fengshui, have always wanted to relocate their bed which is positioned below a beam running across the width of the master bedroom (see 'Original Layout'). Interestingly, prior to engaging me, they also consulted a fengshui master who proposed that they reconfigure the layout of their room to that as shown in 'Fengshui Master's Layout'.

Seriously, I'm not too sure if that Fengshui master looked at the actual site prior to making the suggestions. But in my humble opinion, the proposed layout does not really work out well functionally (unless if you're talking from a Fengshui point of view...). Firstly, the new dry wall (erected for the reason of preventing the feets from sticking out into the door - another taboo) will block out much of the illumination in the day. Circulation will also be restricted at the doorway (one has to view the site in order to understand how tight space really is).

Secondly, getting into bed in that position is quite a chore (imagine 'lining' up to get into bed). Lastly, the new position of the bed mandates that the wardrobe will be situated next to the toilet entrance, meaning much less wardrobe space than before.

With the couple's concerns and needs in mind, the couple and I worked around the issues and came up with the layout depicted in 'Final Layout'. The wonder about this layout lies in its simplicity. By swopping the positions of the bed and the wardrobe, the problem is solved instantly - without having to erect any walls. As there's a protruding column at one end and a full-height window behind (which will sit awkwardly behind the tall bedhead), a thick curtain stretching from one wall to the other is installed to conceal them.

So, the question here is - in the face of Fengshui and functionality (and common sense?), which aspect assumes priority? Views may differ, but I will go for function anyday.


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