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Feb 1, 2006


Talk about conventions.

During one of my styling sessions today, the client questioned whether I got the workers to hang one of her picture frames too low. That brought up a vey common problem in my mind again. Many homeowners like to hang their artwork high on the wall, to the point that it makes appreciating whatever that was hung impossible. To them, that has always been the right (and only) way to hang a picture...

The rule of the thumb is to hang the picture such that the middle of the frame is at eye level - about 58". You will find that, by sticking to this height of hanging, everything in the room will look so much more harmonious. That's because the eye wouldn't have to go through a roller-coaster ride - as a result of excessive height difference between a lower piece of furniture, for say a sofa, and the picture. And it makes appreciating that artwork so much better and easier. Right?


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