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Feb 27, 2006


I like innovation. I mean, why stick to conventions??? The need to constantly improve is so real and I strongly believe in that.

Wall paints have undergone much improvement in recent times too - especially with the recent launch of a type of odour-less paint from one of the 'big-boys' paint manufacturers. Now, that's really a breakthrough. Imagine - new colours to rejuvenate the room but no more repulsive paint smell (or 'less odour') that usually comes with it.

Seriously, I'm quite sold on this product, based on the few occasions in which I specify this type of paint for use (but not without clients insisting on it at first - alright...I'm a little skeptical about its claim at first). Everything went well on those few cases. The clients and maybe the maids were happy. Perhaps a little more than I was...

One small complaint I have is that the range of colours available under this type of paint is a tad too limited - at least to us designers. Maybe the manufacturer needs some time to come up with more colour options, considering the product has only been launched locally not too long ago. But at the moment, there's too few choices to allow one to be really creative with colours.

That said, I believe odour-less paint is the way to go in the near future. Let's face it - who needs smelly paints when you have products like this?


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