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Apr 11, 2006


Looking to rejuvenate your home, but not sure what needs to be done? Read on...

Begin by asking yourself honestly what activities are important to you, as well as the order of their importance. You will discover different priorities amongst the family members - we make such discoveries about our clients' families all the time! The main idea is to address or even compromise these differences.

Now think about your family members staying in the house. Who is always messy? Who brings work home? Who craves privacy at certain times, but not getting it now? Growing-up children presents another dimension. If a home looks good but does not meet their needs, what good is it?

Also, allocate budget and resources according to the areas which you forsee yourself and your family spending the most and least time in. Is a library with lavish storage important? A home theater for luxury entertainment? A cosier bedroom? And what about a more functional kitchen for that avid cook in you?

Lastly, consider the following pointers too:
-Do you collect stuffs and like to display objects - meaning dedicated display areas to be had?
-How much open and closed storage are you willing to live with?
-Do you need lots of storage for shoes or clothings? What about suitcases?
-Do you frequently entertain friends and relatives at home? Do they stay over regularly?
-Are you moving out to another place anytime soon? That may mean less built-in works, and spending on things you can bring with you.


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