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Apr 8, 2006


One interesting aspect of Home Rejuvenation is the recycling, or should I say the reinterpretation, of objects that are so familiar to you in the house (you know, the chairs, the lamps and even the pictures you hang on the wall…). By looking at these objects from a fresh perspective and setting them in a modern context – refinishing them in a new fabric or matching them with new objects – one can usually bring about a new look to an otherwise tired one in the home. These processes are vital, as ‘old’ objects bring about a strong connection to our emotions and pasts – something which you can’t easily find with new ones.
So, revamp and reupholster the things you could. Rearrange or remix them when you are tired of the look. Subscribe to the notion today that when old plus new, it usually equals new. And when you simply do not have a place for them at all, redistribute them in such a way that they can be reused – if they can be in the first place. There will always be someone who likes what you don’t love anymore.


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