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May 18, 2006


Being the bulkiest item, the bed is usually the focal point of the bedroom. Given that we spend an enormous part of our life on it, it makes perfect sense to choose your bed (not just your mattress) wisely.

"A project with extreme visual uniformity", Porro's Lipla has stylelishness written all over it.

Porro's Scent is a study in reduction and will no doubt be favoured by all minimalist fans.

A bed has never looked sexier. Marilyn from Flou...

Flou's Chocolat is an elegant bed design that is at once contemporary and classical.

Histoire Dò from Prealpi is a dream bed comes true; Bed base can be rotated manually or electronically.

Slender curves and geometric lines mark Prealpi's Plaza bed.


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2 comments: on "SWEET DREAMS: DREAM BEDS"

Anonymous said...

Very pretty site! Keep working. thnx!

Anonymous said...

You have good taste!