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May 20, 2006


To me, one of the most enjoyable things in the home is colour, be it on the walls or the bits and pieces in the room. However, choosing colours is very difficult for some. So there they are, opting for the light cream, biege, off-white or whatever you name it. This is definitely not wrong. It's just that things can look a little bland.

But for those who are not exactly ready to commit to colours on the walls, a splash of colours in the furniture or accessories can help break up the monotones and inject warmth into the room. Get a sofa upholstered in a hot red colour fabric. Display some rich-coloured claypots. Go for a deep coloured area rug or some bright-coloured throw cushions. Your home will look refreshed and up-to-date even when the wall colour in the background remains the same old biege. Trust me.


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3 comments: on "THOUGHTS ON COLOURS"

Jo said...

I tink one either has an eye for color or don't. So, selecting color is best left to experts.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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