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May 15, 2006


Small space interior design and decor is a major concern these days. Especially in land-scarce Singapore, where sizes of new apartments just seem to get smaller and smaller. The golden rules of small home design have since been laid - clean lines, monochromatic colours, mirrors, reflective surfaces, diffused lighting. In essence, simplicity goes a long way here.

However, one equally important consideration in the design of a small space is the multi-functionality of furniture. In many small homes, it often makes sense to create multi-functional spaces like a study cum bedroom or a work cum dining space. So, why not make your furniture work harder too?

For instance, an ottoman can function as...well, an ottoman, a worktop/ coffee table or storage unit for magazines and stuff in the living room. A bed platform can serve as a HUGE storage unit. And if you look around shops enough, you can find seating that can function as side illumination or storage.

Remember - in a small space, everything that you bring into it can have a major impact on the layout, look and spaciousness within. So get your brains cracking and think 'multi-functional' when you go shopping for furniture next time!


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