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Jun 25, 2006


Billed as 'an alternative to wallpaper' - we always welcome options, don't we? - these self-adhesive wall decals are designed by artists and designers at Paris-based company Domestic. The cut-outs are made of vinyl and can be easily attached to walls (I suspect smoothly-plastered walls) or windows by the homeowners themselves. My favourites are Jungle by Ich&kar and Tree by Antoine+Manuel.

Ready to buy? Check out the entire collection at Domestic.

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Anonymous said...

oh my, how chic is that...

geraldine said...

This thing reminds me of a friend who did a cut-out of a tree graphic she designed herself, using a vinyl sticker she got from DIY shops, and then pasting it on a wall in her living room. A tedious process according to her, but the end result looks great. Will try to take a photo and post it here, if possible.

DT said...

Lovely.Really lovely.