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Jun 11, 2006


Storage. One never gets quite enough of it.

I mean, who doesn't like organized storage? Yet, for too many, the sight of neat display shelves and uncluttered closets is a distant memory.

In planning a storage makeover, there's a few considerations to make. Do you want something built-in or are you willing to get furniture pieces? The design of storage furniture nowadays are extremely stylish and works great, without any commitment to space allocation. Take a peek below for some of the latest and interesting models.

Also, will you want to have stuff displayed on shelves or will you want to keep the clutter out by opting for closed cabinets? Open storage tends to be visually distracting unless carefully edited and arranged. I think they are ideal for displaying orderly rows of books, art objects, framed family photos and displays of collections. Closed storage is perfect for stuff that can look cluttered such as clothing, cooking equipment, office supplies etc. These items are best kept behind doors.

Reeking of futurism, the Cyborg sideboard and Loborg audio-visual cabinet feature rounded corners and funnel-shaped feet.

Offered in a few different colors, Vange's Maui comes with three or five acrylic shelves for displaying books handsomely.

The shape of the drawers supposedly resembles that of a beautiful woman, hence the name Aphrodite. Attracted to it yet?

A standout with its splash of strong colour, the Cartonnier Bas cabinet is entirely handmade and is one of the best homes for your books.


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4 comments: on "HIP STORAGE SOLUTIONS"

Holly said...

Stan, you have no idea how in love I am with those 'futuristic' pieces. Think they look just as at home in a retro-style home!

Anonymous said...

Does the aphrodite looks like a woman?

Anonymous said...

Some beautiful storage you've put up here...

jo said...

Hi, DWR has some wonderfully designed storage units too. Their treku bookcase looks like maui except that the materials used are different. i also like their chicago b-box shelving and am considering getting one for my home. But the price...