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Jun 28, 2006


A small anecdote on furniture restoration...

A while back, one of our clients kindly gave us his old imported set of sofa and 2 armchairs. Admittedly, the look of these Louis-style furniture is a little too heavy for my taste, but what more can one ask for when it doesn't cost anything at all? Furthermore, the first thought that came to my mind upon seeing the furniture was 'How nice it would be to finish off the frame in a cool silver paint and reupholster it in an ultra chic black leather fabric?'. There was definitely something going on.

Without much delay, we set about giving these pieces a new lease of life - sort of a 'furniture rejuvenation'. But it was not without glitches. Firstly, getting the frame sprayed in a silver paint was going to cost a bomb. Then we discovered that a leg of one of the armchairs was infested by termites. And most frustrating of all, the side table that came with the settee went missing in the factory after it was revarnished by the carpenter. We are going to get an incomplete set afterall.

The only consolation was perhaps the fact that the seat cushions are padded with down feathers - not that we would expect anything less for a US$5000 set also, anyway (and it was bought 16 years ago mind you). A cotton-based fabric in a deep purple floral pattern replaced the worn-out leather in that oh-so-gaudy red colour. In the end, under the safe hands of our trusty upholsterer, all I can say is that we are quite satisfied with how the 'rejuvenated' chair turned out. Not what I was envisaging initially, but not too bad either...

At least, I like it more now than before.


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Anonymous said...

great effort there...keep up the blogging

jon said...

The transformation is amazing!