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Aug 9, 2006


More ideas for those oh-so-plain walls.

Apartment Therapy tipped us off on these Iconic Panels, carved relief laminate/ wood panels which can be joined together seamlessly for a striking feature wall in your home. Easily sawn and mounted, these panels are reportedly extremely tough-wearing also. Design-wise, these are some of the coolest looking patterns you can find, with my favourites (oh my, there's so many) being Camarby and Helsinky. Check them out!


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4 comments: on "ICONIC PANELS"

Anonymous said...

wow these are really interesting, i would like to see what creative uses people put them to.

Anonymous said...

it's lovely

Tom said...

Can the panels be used for any other purposes?Like maybe as a table top?Ha...

Eda said...

I loved them! But only in the U.S.? I would like to see them in Europe, anyone knows where can I get them in Europe?