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Aug 10, 2006


Read an article today which reports that IKEA welcomes an average of 4 million Singaporeans per year (that's the population of our country!). Actually that's not really surprising. Whenever I'm there, the store is almost always packed with people - even on weekdays. Now, that's a feat considering how quiet many other furniture stores are at the same time. And going by that figure, there's no doubt that you will find an IKEA item in every household in Singapore.

It's no wonder. Furniture design and decorating styles in the countries of Scandinavia are beloved internationally for their innovative, contemporary, and streamlined qualities. And if the prices are affordable, that's all the more better.

But for those who are really mad about Scandinavian design (and cares about not having the exact same furniture as others at home), IKEA is definitely not the only stop for your furniture shopping. Lorgan's at Blair at Blair Road specialises in original retro furniture, accessories and lightings from the 50s-70s era. Most of the furniture, predominantly Scandinavian design pieces, is sourced and imported from Europe. We especially love their 60s style armchair (see left). Meanwhile, Style: Nordic, as we mentioned in an earlier post, is located along Ann Siang Hill and offers a wide collection of the latest designer stuff from Finland, Sweden etc. And for those who are more adventurous, the internet offers more limitless options for an all Scandinavian look. In this case, DesignOnLine is a must-visit website. The site promotes and markets Scandinavian designers and offers the latest design news from that region. Many of their products are available for shipment to most countries.


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