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Sep 11, 2006


Some quick notes on rejuvenating your bedroom...

Creating a cosy bedroom that looks good at the same time may not come easy for many. Although there isn't a whole lot that can be done in the bedroom as far as arranging the furniture is concerned (especially if the bed is large and the space configuration is set), try rethinking about the use of your existing furniture and accessories.

One useful way you can consider is create a slightly unusual arrangement. Try moving the bed out into the room - nobody ever said the bedhead HAD to be placed against a wall! Have a tall decorative screen behind the headboard fill a corner behind the bed. Or try a tall plant in the corner. See if you can find an alternative arrangement from what one usually sees. But of course common sense rules - you must have sufficient space to try a layout like that in the first place.

I got bored with the idea of 'matching night tables flanking the bed' a long time ago. I now prefer the more unmatched look. Also, try positioning a wicker or Chinese chest at the bed foot. This provides additional handy storage by the bed and helps to elongate the staid, square appearance of the bed.

Break free from the 'matching look' yet again by using a headboard that complements, rather than match, the side tables and other furniture or fixtures in the room. It is far more personalised and interesting! Remember - the only reason that 'sets' were created to sell more furniture, not to enhance the design of a room.


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