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Sep 22, 2006


Another home rejuvenated!

This time round, I was tasked to rejuvenate the interiors of this 10-years-plus-old semi-detached house that was dated by a gaudy decor. The owners' brief to me was very simple: modernise and liven up the entire interior to create a feeling of cosiness. The existing colors in the living room were dull and even downright jarring, as evidenced by the window shades and sofa upholstery. “Not inspiring at all” was my initial thought. And certainly not conducive to a harmonious atmosphere.
Living/ Dining areas - before

 Living/ Dining areas - after

Living area - before

Living area - after

Dining area - before

Dining area - after
The rejuvenation works prove to be pretty straightforward. The marble flooring in the living/ dining areas and the parquet flooring were first restored to their pristine conditions. Next, I opted for a neutral palette of colors to create a soothing feel in the rooms. I often work against the idea of just using beiges and browns – I like colours too much not to use them! However, when they're right, they're right. And in this case, it is most definitely right.

Next, to achieve the relaxed and informal atmosphere the clients desired, I proposed furnishings in a mix of materials, with differing textures and colors being the main ingredients in making it work. They will then blend perfectly with the golden and dark brown timber tones of the newly fitted furniture (like the TV console and the half-height display cum partition between the living and dining areas). The new look achieves a sense of simplicity and tranquility while maintaining the flow throughout, creating a house that feels good to come home to.

Master Bedroom - before

Master Bedroom - after

Bedroom 2 - before

Bedroom 2 - after
Upstairs in the master bedroom, I experimented with a Thai silk fabric with a really nice imprint to upholster a long and low bedhead to serve as a backdrop for the existing bed in front. That helps make things a little more interesting. Tones on the walls are equally muted, so that all the furnishings and furniture in the room stand out. In the son's room, things were also kept simple. "Clutter management" was at the top of my priorities list, with the solution being plenty of closed storage. Furniture was also kept to a bare minimum. In smaller rooms like these, the notion "less is more" is always right.


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3 comments: on "HOME REJUVENATED!"

rusticempire said...

A huge, dramatic difference! The design feels very clean and tropical.

Anonymous said...

The living room transformation was fantastic but I find the bedrooms somewhat dull. For example the master bedroom needs something more dramatic to anchor the room. Perhaps a tall bedhead instead of a long and low set one.

Anonymous said...

I like the simplicity of the coffee table in the living room. May I know where can we get that or is it custom-made? Tks!