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Sep 2, 2006


KNQ Associates scours the town for beautiful objects for the home!

The Lifeshop used to be one of my favourite haunts to look for great-looking stuff. But since they shifted to Raffles City from Paragon, I haven't been to their shop as often. I know it sounds funny but for me, Raffles City was never a place to shop for furniture. However, with some time on hand today, I decided to pop by their new outlet and was I glad I did. And from the hot finds shown below, you’ be glad I did too.

Lying side by side to their trademark contemporary Asian-inspired furniture were some classy chandeliers and plenty of chic modern pieces (think of furniture designed by Mies van der Rohe and Le Corbusier). But there’s no denying the fact that the pieces that caught my eyes ultimately are their New Asian (as they term it) pieces. After all, these are what one goes to The Lifeshop for.

One of the pieces that left a deep impression on me was their modern Chinese-style armoire. How I like the butterfly lock plate on the front doors! Decorative without being overwhelming, this is proof of the saying ‘ The devil is in the details’. I can do away with the carving at the bottom, though, for a more clean-cut look.

Their EZ 70’s sofa and chair series exude the elegance of Asian forms and proportions. Handsomely finished in natural or wenge stain finish (for the frame) with comfortable upholstered seats, these pieces are a joy to cocoon into. And by the way, I really like those curved arms.

Looks like the recent trend of Classicism has hit The Lifeshop too. Although it seems strange to see classical chandeliers here, I’m really not complaining. This matt black chandelier - and its attractive price tag - is one reason why I’m not.

The Iman table curves gently like a folded leaf, creating a light elegant contour towards the centre. Available in various sizes, this conversation piece can be finished in teak wood and veneer construction in natural or wenge stain finish. Like the EZ collection, I’m so attracted to the smooth curves.

Rounding off the hot finds is the Wedge low dining table. Perhaps sensing that dining is no longer seen as a formal activity (especially in our Chinese society) anymore, the designer has set this huge square table about 4” lower than your standard dining table for a more casual experience. Great for entertaining friends over it.


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