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Sep 10, 2006


I just finished flipping through IKEA's latest catalogue. It's been dropped into my letterbox a few days earlier (I'm pretty sure many of you have gotten it too), and I only managed to take some time out this morning to run through it properly. All I can say is this - their products just get better every single year, be it the design or the price (prices have definitely come down for a lot of the items this time round). No, I'm not endorsing IKEA, but the simple truth is that they are simply that good.

Remember I posted about this gorgeous Kramfors sofa some time back? Yep, it's in the catalogue but doesn’t come in fabric upholstery as seen in the U.S version. Available only in leather, there’s just something amiss with it (generally I don’t like leather seating). But most maintenance-conscious house owners should like it a lot. The Arild series of seating appears to be a new addition, and could always give Kramfors a run for the money with its gorgeous, clean-cut look.

The real attraction to me in the catalogue has got to be the selection of add-on doors see below) for their existing line of open bookcases such as Billy. Featuring aluminium frames and clear glass panels etched with graphical patterns or inserted with replaceable wallpaper or fabric (you can place them behind the glass front yourself), these doors scream ‘designer’. Fix them onto your Billys or Nyckelbys, if you have them, and clear out the clutter within once and for all. Better still, if you don’t mind, get your carpenter to custom build a wardrobe or bookcase to size and fix these doors on. You won’t be able to get this one-of–a-kind look any cheaper elsewhere. Trust me.

That’s about it for the moment. There’s just too many great stuff inside the catalogue for me to go through every single one. Take a look at it yourself one of these days and decide what you need. You won’t be disappointed.


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1 comments: on "NOTES ON IKEAS' 2007 CATALOGUE"

Joanna said...

IKEA is the best!!!