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Sep 28, 2006


Now, this is something we've never blogged about before. I'm talking about laminates. Some of you may hate it, but so impressed was I with local laminate supplier TAK's latest collection of laminates that I just had to talk about it. The star laminate from their latest range has got to be the ultra chic Mod Stripes Series. With those Paul Smith-like colourful stripes, they add kooky fun to almost any room instantly. Available in 3 juicy colours (Lucid, Lucerne and Latin Stripes), this is definitely my most favourite laminate to date...

We also like their new Silk range. With 5 different colours (4 are shown here) to choose from, these elegant silk-patterned laminates are just perfect for feature walls. A pity they don't come textured for that 'almost authentic' feel though.

Next up, the Rattan series's unabashed rawness and textural feel should wow many of you. I think that this laminate will find a place in homes dressed up in a modern Chinese style (but then again, creativity knows no limits, so there's really no restrictions on where you use it!) This should look very good whether as a covering material for a wall feature, or as a finishing material for doors. Totally zen, don't you think so?

The Teak series incorporating the DRI-MATT® finish looks convincingly like the real thing (okay, almost). What I like is the special matt finish which gives it a rawness few other wood-patterned laminates can match. Ask your builder to have it used as a finishing for the kitchen cabinet or wardrobe doors. You'll be amazed by the results.


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