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Oct 9, 2006


Did you noticed how difficult it is to sell your used furniture and accessories in Singapore, even if they are still in good or 'almost new' condition?

This question came about as a number of clients asked me recently if there's any takers for some of the stuff they wish to replace (or rather I asked them to replace as these pieces may not fit very well with the new design - sorry clients!). But I'm sure there are many of you who, at some point in time, thought that your old furniture might fetch some money. Maybe you are upgrading certain pieces. Or you or the kids have outgrown them. Or you are moving and can't take all the furniture pieces with you. Selling them for cash is surely a better option than just disposing or giving them away, right?

The sad truth is, the concept of buying and selling second-hand goods is not that well established among local Singaporeans. And should you be so lucky as to get any offers, the prices are very likely to be extremely low even if they are fairly well-maintained. Is it because most furniture stores are slashing prices so low that everybody just wants to buy new? I doubt so. I think it's the mindset among the locals that used furniture - unless if they are antiques - are generally considered junk just because people don't want them anymore. That being said, I recently did, on a lucky streak, sell off a restored Louis armchair at a reasonable price. It goes to show that there are still buyers around who appreciate a good furniture when they see one, even though it may not be 'new'.

I sometimes wish there's more dedicated avenues where used but good quality furniture (and I don't only mean antiques or designer pieces) can be traded, auctioned and of course, sold at a reasonable price. You know, a place where well-informed buyers and sellers gather, ala Apartment Therapy's Classifieds. We've since put up the HRB Classifieds section on our blog where homeowners can put up old furniture here for sale. Response has so far been lukewarm. I've also gathered that there's a few other general auction and classifieds sites around right now. At eBay Singapore, judging from the bids for the furniture put up for auction, I don't think there's a lot of takers for used stuff in Singapore. And those who have visited sites like Singapore Expats or Yahoo Classifieds will find more evidence that old furniture simply do not fetch much here. To be fair, it could be due to the design or quality of the stuff put up for sale too.

In short, homeowners listen up. Just as the title of this post suggest: Selling your used furniture? No luck!


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hjo said...

We live in a country where 'new equals good'. No choice.