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Oct 30, 2006


You've got to hand it to designer Daniele Lago for creating this shelving system 'Tangram', inspired by, well, tangram (in case your childhood is a distant memory to you, tangram is a type of Chinese puzzle). 7 pieces of shelves in a wide range of colours equals endless shelving possibilities. Absolutely cool and fun!

There's just no reason why the walls should look so plain and boring...


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3 comments: on "TANGRAM ON YOUR WALL?"

John Trosko said...

These are neat-o. I love them!

I guess they aren't workhorse shelves, but would line a hallway nicely.

- John

KNQ Associates said...

We'll like to agree on your point, John. These are definitely not workhorse shelves, but who cares right? They look great!:)

Anonymous said...

Hehe..they look so cutesy