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Nov 9, 2006


Lately, I've been on a lookout for a coat hanger (yes, you heard that right) for a client's daughter. Her old, trusty hanger has seen better days, and what better time than a Home Rejuvenation to give yourself a chance to replace everything in the home? Given that I'm actually quite averse to all those tacky wall hooks, I'm really not having high hopes of finding something stylish at all. I can only admit that I'm wrong. A search on the internet led me to some of the best looking coat hangers one can only imagine, and I must say I'm lucky to find these fine products to share here.

Symbol from Desu, as the first example, looks really good. When not in use, those hooks in vibrant anodised hues lay flat and belie their function, so that it hangs like an art installation. When needed, the hooks flips smoothly down and out for you to hang your stuff. "Available in monochrome aluminum, or in white with vibrant anodized colors, the Symbol helps to keep your home photo ready - with or without the coats." Who would have thought that a normal daily object can be so visually appetizing?

Tree Coat Stand, designed by Michael Young and Katrin Petursdottir, is a quirky, artsy sculpture that will double up as the perfect hanger for your clothes, bags or hats. Looking just like a winter tree with its bare branches, the stand is available in lacquered white or birch and costs US$699. Willng to pay that much for a coat stand?

Coat Check is a smart range of coat hooks formed from flat sheets of brushed stainless steel. Shaped either as an antler (Coat Rack) or tree (Coat Tree), this hanger is extremely heavyweight and durable. The Coat Tree is 15" tall by nearly a foot across, while the Coat Rack spans 18" from tip to tip and 9" from bottom to top. At US$30, it's not exactly a high price to pay for good design.

Any more good looking coat hangers to share? Do let me know.


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