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Nov 14, 2006


Strange as it may seem, but if you're decorating a room for kids nowadays, you're no longer just looking for colourful decorating items at bargain prices. Many furniture manufacturers are churning out good quality children’s’ furniture with good looks to boot (and designer prices to pay). It’s not hard to realise that interior decorating for children is one of the fastest-growing markets in the interior design industry today, thanks to super-swanky parents. Indeed, that’s what Time magazine once reported in an article. Clearly, decorating for kids is not something you would want to dismiss as a passing fad. Below are some of the latest highlights from the world of high-end children’s’ furniture design. Wish that you could turn back the time now?

Dauphin Baby Bobo

Magis Puppy

Montis Playtime




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2 comments: on "CONSUMERS IN THE MAKING?"

John Trosko said...

I am just loving reading your blog-- it's well-written, short and has great ideas. This story is another piece I enjoy checking in on.

- John

KNQ Associates said...

Hi John, thanks for those kind words! We're just 2 regular guys trying to offer some online professional help to those who's clueless about interior design and decor!