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Nov 13, 2006


I just knew that this has to happen.

Kusnin and I were chatting today when he brought up this very interesting blog called "IKEA Hacker" that he thought I might wish to share with you people. Well, of course I have to, since I think almost every Singaporean has bought at least one product from the store before. Let's put it this way - the blog is basically an avenue for you to learn how to 'un-IKEA' your IKEA stuff. One complaint I always hear from people who buy IKEA is that a lot of other people has the exact same product at home. No differentiation and definitely no personality at all. But since the stuff are so affordable, we all can't be bothered. But not entirely now...

This light-hearted site welcomes 'hackers' to submit their own creations - any redesigned IKEA products - and picks out the cream of the crop for readers to vote for the 'Hacker of the month' every month. From kitchen counter tops to that Karlanda sofa to the little Forby stool, nothing seems to be spared a makeover (in my opinion, most times for the better and sometimes for the worse). My favourite hack so far is this Zebra desk, decked out in dazzling, latex-painted stripes. Nevertheless, for those of you who like to tinker with stuff on a small budget over a boring weekend, these DIY projects will be totally perfect.


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