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Nov 12, 2006


A friend who emailed me this called it 'IKEA on acid'. For a moment upon seeing this, I was actually having deja-vu, associating it with the clever storage wall designed by Torafu Architects I blogged about a few months back.

Erika is a storage system designed by Storno and manufactured by Nils Holger Moormann from Germany. The pared-down aesthetics and modular design meant that this is a system which emphasizes function over form. I adore the idea that the coloured panels and fittings can be configured to fit your usage or needs, and the fact that you can stash on it almost anything you would envisage - including a sink! And if you like, a fold-away panel which can be used as a bar counter is also available.

Nothing is concealed here, so look elsewhere if you are a neat freak.


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