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Nov 6, 2006


We are so very happy that our blogger friend Imelda of imedaGoze has been shortlisted as one of the 4 finalists for Inhabit's Great Pillow Design Competition. It's sure no mean feat for someone who doesn't even do design full-time!

It's not difficult to see that Imelda's design collection easily catches one's eye with its vibrant and punchy colours. Less you get the wrong idea, I'm not saying that the rest of the finalists are not good - I'm just looking at it more from a 'distinction-from-the-pack' point of view. But no matter what, do cast your votes for Imelda if you like her work.


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4 comments: on "IMELDA'S PILLOWS"

imedaGoze said...

thank you for the shoutout, and the vote, Stan! I really appreciate it. :)

rayoflight said...

The pillows look really good...Are they for sale here?

imedaGoze said...

rayoflight: thanks for the compliments. Too bad, they are not for sale here. Inhabit printed and photographed them only for the voting period. :)

KNQ Associates said...

That's sort of a pity isn't it, rayoflight? You can only hope that Imelda wins the competition and Inhabit puts the pillows into production.