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Nov 5, 2006


A prospect I met today asked me what’s the secret to creating a harmonious interior. For a moment, I was stuck for words. I mean, there are so many factors coming into play! Anyway, the answer I finally gave was ‘a sense of geometry’.

Yes, no doubt colours and the choice of finishes/ materials used are also major considerations. But to me, one aspect that I never neglect is a feeling for the elemental forms and shapes. And all you DIYers should not ignore it too. I like the rooms I create to have a sense of movement – to dance and spring to life, literally – and I usually achieve this by playing with form (the basis of which are lines and curves).

You can probably see what I meant above from the depicted projects below. From the square shades of the side lamps to the circles in the throw cushions to the rectangular framing for the overhanging print above the bed in the bedroom, these are all pre-conceived. The juxtaposition of the different shapes and forms add so much more visual interest. In the living area as shown, the vibrant stripes (I like lines - remember Paul Smith’s my idol?) of the back wall contrast sharply with the curvaceous form of the sofas in front. Within the same room, you can also see the round central ottoman and the round glass-top dining table, complete with curves in all their endless variations at the wrought-iron base.

So, you now know one of the top secrets (or maybe it’s not even a secret in the first place?) to creating a harmonious environment. But ultimately, whatever you do, it’s critical to think of forms and shapes in 3D and judge for yourself how they interact with one another in the room. Remember not to take a stiff academic approach – form is not formulaic. Do go with what you are comfortable with but never, ever overdo things.


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1 comments: on "OF SHAPES AND FORMS"

Anonymous said...

Nice rooms!