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Nov 2, 2006


The workload over these past few weeks has been hectic (what with the Hari Raya and Deepavali holidays). And it's not going to get any better in the next few (at least not until after Christmas). I'm afraid there will be fewer posts in the coming days, but we'll try our best to update our blog as much as we can.

On that note, we've got some plans lined up for this blog in the upcoming months - once we have some free time to see to them, that is. One of these is to come up with a categorised directory of local furniture and furnishings dealers/ suppliers. You can see it as our answer to Internet Yellow Pages, except that ours specifically covers home design and improvement needs. We'll give our truthful comments on these shops (it's not like we always get the chance to do so!) and their products, so that it'll be a really useful online guide for you the next time you go out on a shopping trip. If you've got a tip or two on any cool shops to pass along, feel free to drop us a comment or email too. We'll include them into our list.

Next up, we are also toying with the idea of a Home Rejuvenation advice column, where we'll dish out home makeover ideas + concepts if you'd just kindly send in your floor plan and photos of your house. We can't work on all the project enquiries that come in everytime due to our workload, and would like to think that this is the next best option to offer some help. That way, you can choose to get some Home Rejuvenation works started on your own.

That's about it for the near future. Do keep coming back for your dose of the latest design trends in the meantime. We are not about to disappoint.

Thanks for the support!


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3 comments: on "RANDOM THOUGHTS..."

imedaGoze said...

I've been looking for a directory like that (wiith reviews) for the longest time. It's a brillliant idea, you should go ahead and do it!

KNQ Associates said...

yes, imeda...that's what we think is lacking on the net today...hopefully we'll get this started sometime soon!

jon said...

am looking forward to the advice column!