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Nov 19, 2006


The seasonal kitsch fest called Christmas is just around the corner again. As the big day draws closer, I keep thinking to myself " Is there a place for the Christmas trees and (excessively) noisy decoration, in the face of the immense popularity of minimalist and clean-cut interior design?" Trust me, that's really difficult to answer. The general notion is that the only way to bring joy into the home during the festive seasons is to bring on lots of 'over-the-top' green, red and gold embellishments. In fact, the more the merrier.

Frankly, even as a kid, I was never fascinated by Christmas trees. I can easily do away with all those garish baubles and multi-coloured balls. You can call me a born minimalist. To me, Christmas, like Chinese New Year, is more a celebration of warmth, mood changes and emotions. But I do understand, and respect the fact that there are many people who may not share my sentiments. I would then say to these people ' Go ahead and do what you like, as long as you are happy doing it.'

But just before you, a minimalist, think that you will have to do away with a Christmas tree even if you want one, there are stylish solutions. White trees are still in, but it's really black Christmas trees that are flying out of shops last year in UK. And this trend should be expected to continue this year. 'The thing about black Christmas tree is they do fit into our current interiors very well.... we have a lot of neutral and minimalist looking colours and in that environment green Christmas trees decked out with red and gold decorations will stick out like a sore thumb... the marvellous thing about black Christmas trees decked out in frosty white, silver and cream is they do look incredibly stylish.", so said Susan Rose, editor of Ideal Home magazine. I would add to that by saying that keeping things simple and monochrome is the way to go. Proper (understated, not so much blink blink please) lighting is another consideration.

So, what kind of Christmas are you going to have? All-out maximalism or simple minimalism? Without a doubt, mine's gonna be the latter anytime...


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jackieteo said...

With this post, mine's gonna be a b&w christmas man

Anonymous said...

B&W christmas definitely!