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Dec 24, 2006


Design is all about breaking conventions and thinking out of the box. But I've got to admit that this is one of the most bizzarre design I've seen in a long while.

A designer from UK has come up with a sofa that can 'illuminate' relationships. The sofa is embedded with patterned lights (Electroluminescent) and trigger-sensitive materials which react to different seating arrangements. As a couple sits apart on the sofa, a cold blue pattern will begin to glow around them to signify their distance apart from each other. And if they move towards each other, warm pink patterns start to form to indicate their proximity or closeness. These petals will randomly illuminate around the body and disappear when one moves around, meaning an ever-changing pattern display on the sofa. It is this unpredictability of the evolving patterns that make this furniture piece so much fun to sit on.


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