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Dec 3, 2006


It seems pretty coincidental when I get 4 emails in a single day 2 weeks ago from some really talented artists and online art galleries, requesting me to introduce their brilliant work on this blog. Now, I can't paint to save my life. But I do like looking at nice paintings (and how they can be integrated into my design). And I sure like to see avid painters and artists get the recognition they deserve.

Jeff Hayes is a multi-talented artist living and working in Boston. He takes pride in creating still lifes, landscapes, and portraits in the contemporary realist tradition (which happens to be my thing also). To me, Hayes painted the mundane things he saw around him but still managed to instill in them a quality of drama and mystery that greatly dignified their existence.

Hayes's paintings are available for viewing and purchasing through several galleries and online venues, and through monthly shows at Studio 201 in Boston’s SOWA district. Since 2006, he has also rolled out an interesting Painting-A-Day concept, in which he creates 1 finished work daily. Now, that's a mean feat! You can bid for his beautiful work on eBay.

Lou Patrou is another US-based artist who is basically self taught. He works extensively with pastels, watercolors and does pencil drawings. Working in several different styles depending on the medium he is working in, his works often create compelling, surreal and sometimes even 'haunting' emotions. But that's art - not everything needs to have the word 'happy' tagged to it. I especially like his 'Lady Circles'. Visit his website if you'd like to get in touch with him.

That's it for the moment! We'll look at the works of other fabulous artists and galleries in the next couple of posts. Gotta get back to some serious work now...


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1 comments: on "TALKING ABOUT ART"

custard said...

Thanks for the links! These are 2 really talented artists!