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Feb 25, 2007


How many of you engaged an interior designer when you moved to a new house or rejuvenated your existing place? Or did you just settled for a contractor who will happily carry out the works that you instructed him to do? For those of you who did engaged a designer, you'll most probably appreciate the benefits of getting one (look, I'm not trying to hard-sell my service here...), and understand that an efficient professional really does help you sort out those headache-inducing details like colours, furnishings, layout and finishes. But what if you hired an interior designer to design your home, and yet never really gets to meet him or her?

Now, I can hear you asking 'WHAT?'. Yes, you didn't hear me wrong. Belle Vivir brought our attention to designer Betsy Burnham's new way of designing homes. Instant Space is a design service which offers clients do-it-yourself custom-designed spaces for a fee. The process is simple enough - a prospective client conveys, through e-mail, to the designer the style he or she wants and sends the latter pictures and measurements of the rooms (to be designed). Four to six weeks later, a DIY kit containing a personalized concept board, a layout plan, a bunch of proposed materials and an instruction manual etc will be delivered over to the client.

Sold on the idea yet?


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