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Feb 23, 2007


Love it or hate it, roller blinds are one of the more popular window treatment options around. But in case you think the blinds available nowadays are still stuck with uninspiring solid colours and even blander design, here is a collection of really gorgeous blinds to change your perception. 'Intent on brightening up the exterior as well as the interior of your home', the Love Is Blind collection offers a series of window coverings printed in 7 different designer graphics. At £ 49.95 per blind, it's not exactly a high price to pay for designer ware. I really adore Blue Tree and Bottles. What about you? Ready to get one already?


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2 comments: on "LOVE IS BLIND...YES, IT IS"

My Marrakech said...

These are fantastic! It's about time someone did this!

berry said...

I love plants. I can imagine this looking great in any household