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Feb 5, 2007


A lot of my clients like to ask me what is the current trend in interior design right now. That can be a tricky question to answer because fashion comes and goes at an amazing pace. Something can be ultra hot today and totally out the next day. And who actually sets trends (or should I really say hype)? But the truth is, I don't like answering that question because it's a signal that the client is exploring the idea of getting me to incorporate some of these 'trends' into their homes.

I mean, do you dress up your house in a certain way just because it's trendy to do so? The fascination with the Zen style in the late nineties is a good example. Over these past few months, I've visited so many homes decorated in that very style - and the owners hate the fact that they are stuck with that look in their house (mind you, some of them spent a bomb on the works).

Kusnin and I have a feeling that this ongoing modern classical style is going down that same path. It just got to the point where we both are turned-off by anything that reeks 'baroque'. As Grace Bonney, editor at Design*Sponge notes: "A trend that is highly decorative tends to last a shorter period of time than a trend rooted in function. The baroque trend seems to be dying out as people grow wary of such a period-specific look." Hmm... looks like we are not alone.

It therefore seems wise to always opt for a more simpler (read: classic) design style that can withstand the test of time - and personal taste. Think about whatever makes you happy and whatever lets you and your guests feel comfortable in your own home - that's far more important than any so-called trends.


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trendoffice said...

The truth is that "people grow wary of" any "period-specific look." We are already a society that is mature enough to use from different periods only this specific part which answers best our contemporary taste and way of thinking. It is no wonder that the style and look most used for several years now is 'fusion'.