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Feb 4, 2007


Let's face it - people nowadays are fascinated with all things stylish and out-of-the-ordinary. Especially so for what goes into the house. Take for example the wall clock - suddenly, the good old (-fashioned looking) wall clock just doesn't cut it in the modern home anymore. People spend tonnes of money on renovating and making over their home, and the fact is, they are not willing to settle for a stodgy timepiece on the wall anymore.
These colorful wall graphics are part of the Vynil line by French publishing house Domestic. Domestic works with well-known designers to produce products that allow the consumer to 'co-design'. In this case, an assortment of numerals and clock parts cut out of removable adhesive vinyl plus a set of real clock hands let you design your own clock face, based on your whim (er, I mean liking). Trust me, hanging a wall clock has never been so fun.


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1 comments: on "VYNIL + CLOCK"

anna said...

Looks so cute.