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Mar 21, 2007


We like to give credit when it's due. And credit has to go to designer Felipe Zanardi for his highly imaginative vision here. His Carpet-lounge is brilliant in its own right, though it somewhat reminds me of the Flying Carpet I reviewed sometime ago. But I really adore the simplicity and thought process behind it. Thin MDF boards attached with zippers and packed inside the "bags" at the carpet become a retractable structure, allowing it to be a carpet this moment and a chill-out lounger the next. Velcro ends make it easy to set up.

Hmm... I'm beginning to think that my friends will love this in my house too.


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3 comments: on "CARPET LOUNGE"

Anonymous said...

This is innovative. But is it sturdy enough for long term use??

berry said...

If I have to choose between this and the Flyingcarpet, I will chose the latter. No offence, Fellipe!

jon said...

I guess these are 2 very different things, berry. I like the more human touch here.