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Mar 29, 2007


I'm a serious music lover and feel really blessed to live during a time when iPod is all the rage. Now, talking about iPod, I could go on and on. But I'll just rave about this piano-shaped dining table that is, as with everything else these days, compatible with the Apple bestseller.

I admit I felt a little strange at first when I chanced upon this gorgeous looking Concerto Table designed by Nicholas Lovegrove & Demian Repucci. Of all things, it came with a built-in iPod dock, along with a pair of speakers underneath the lid. Crazy as the idea may seem, I nevertheless thought that the designers were really thinking hard when they came up with this piece of furniture. Thinking about creating the perfect furniture to compliment the perfect evening. Thinking about the important role music plays in a pleasant dining experience itself. Let's face it, don't you and I just love the flow of music in the dining room during dinner?


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5 comments: on "CONCERTO FOR DINNER"

kim. said...

Totally wild.

jon said...

It's a nice table with or without the ipod dock. Very sleek and modern.

KNQ Associates said...

I have to agree with you Jon. The design really caught my eyes.

Anonymous said...

This is great!Thx for the link!

Jessie said...

I love that!!! Such a cool idea! Plus I love Gloss white furniture.