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Mar 29, 2007


Not that it bothers me, but Shak In Style's recent post Decorator vs. Designer The Legal Battle (sorry, I decided to rename it for my post title because it's a more fitting title, I think) was funny. Funny because it reports that it is now illegal to move, in the role of an interior designer, any piece of furniture that is 69 inches tall in the state of Neveda, unless that person is licensed, or employed by someone licensed. A Nevada bureaucrat states that "placement of furniture" is an aspect of "space planning" and hence can only be administered by a "registered interior designer." And in New Mexico, it is up to a $1000 fine and up to a year in prison for anyone who list themselves in a directory of any kind as an interior designer if he or she is not certified as such.

Now, I can hear you laughing too. But try not to because that's the unfortunate result of what a money-grabbing society will make people become. Apparently, these legislations are the products of cartelization - persons in a business (in this case, interior designers) limit entry by competitors to full participation in the business.

I think this is where the great debate comes into play. Don't we all agree decoration is also one important aspect of design? You can have the best-planned space, but without the right touch of styling or accessorising, the interiors really amount to nothing. Decoration definitely serves a function to the consumers. And good design usually has good decoration - have you actually seen photos of beautiful interiors showing otherwise? Sure, good interior designers know how to decorate also. But if the client is perfectly happy to pay someone who has a knack for just placing that armchair at the right spot or dressing up a dining table expertly, who are we to say that these so-called decorators are not a worthy lot? Is it really, like what Shak In Style says, an act of desperation - driven by the greed for money - by some?


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Anonymous said...

I'm an interior designer myself. If you think the war between decorators and designers is a case for concern, wait till you read about the war between architects and designers.

Anonymous said...

I am an interior decorator, redesigner, home stager, visual merchandiser, and home furnishings designer by passion, natural ability and real-life professional experience. I am in the process of starting my own business and because I do believe in continuing education I have been searching for certifications. During my search I have encountered numerous suggestions that designers are better than decorators and this idea that we should be regulated in ways similar to designers. I am so upset at this greedy, self-promoting war and can't stand how so many creative minded people could be so ruthlessly selfish.

If I wanted to become a designer, I could - BUT I DON'T WANT TO! I don't want to reconfigure wall placements, lighting plans, or work with architects,etc. I want to coordinate interior environments to be functional and visually appealing to those who inhabit the space. And I should not be punished for that by having to surrender my passion over to designers that want a monopoly in the industry! It is not rocket science to make a room pretty (and functional), and I don't need 4 years of dictating college professors to teach me about it.

I do believe that decorators/redesigners/stagers need to have some regulation so that consumers would at least know that the person they are hiring did pass a compentency test and has pledged themselves to providing great service. But I personally love the way I can get certified in my field as it is right now, because I don't have to go to a college and have that whole unpleasant, dragged out experience.

I will fight for my right and the rights of others like me who are striving for excellence in our field, to practice what we love to do and provide useful services safely and knowledgably to our clients!

Note: I'm only posting this anonymously because I don't have a google account or website yet.