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Mar 21, 2007


The kitchen of my new resale unit is in terrible shape. The kitchen cabinets and tiles are worn and dated, but I don't want to spend a bomb on an overhaul. I spend a lot of time in the kitchen. Should I just replace the kitchen cabinet doors and drawers? - Joyce

This is a familiar question.

As your kitchen is an important area for you, you want it to look its best and also be practical. But kitchen redesign is a little pricey and takes a longer time to complete. Rather than redesigning the entire kitchen, many homeowners are opting to re-face kitchen cabinets for an updated new look nowadays. As for the walls and floor, a fairly popular re-finishing technique is by means of a special spray coating (though we aren't so confident it can withstand wear and tear when used on the floor). Re-tiling over the existing ones (especially for flooring) is also commonly done if certain requirements are met.

Refurbishing or re-facing the existing kitchen cabinets and worktop is only a fraction of the cost of an entire kitchen redesign. If you want to do the re-facing yourself, there are various materials available to use and many sources of information to help you get the job done. Not that we would expect you to be keen to do that though...

Nevertheless, before you proceed with a kitchen cabinet re-facing, you should ask yourself: Do you like the way your kitchen cabinets are laid out, and does it cater to your current requirements? Can the situation be improved just by replacing the kitchen cabinet doors? Is the carcass structurally sound? Do the doors look worn or outdated?

Explore your options and choose the one that work best for your needs and budget.


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