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Mar 16, 2007


I expected books to become obsolete very soon when the PC age began more than 10 years back. But it did not - and will not - happen. That was the silly me then...

This Line shelf was discovered on Apartment Therapy recently, and I thought it would be a heinous sin to not blog about it. Look at it as an attempt to present the maximum honor to books in this digital era. In fact, the clever design makes sure that the emphasis is on the books that are placed on top more than anything else -the books merely touch an inconspicuous 'line of shelf' at the bottom, and lean against the back wall for additonal support.


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3 comments: on "LINE SHELF"

leslie wilson said...

That was a truly amazing design. I like the simplicity and clean cut lines of the shelf.

BTW, thanks for the link. Love your blog!:p

Robin Van lent said...

that is indeed a cool looking shelf..

but I am worried about the stability of books..

also, when a lot of books are paced on it, it's beauty will be hidden away..

so as a design item you should only place a few books you like on it. as shown in the picture..

KNQ Associates said...

Can't agree with you more, Robin. It looks the best when one doesn't fill it with books, so that the whole structure can be showcased.

I guess functionality has to take a back seat in the name of design sometimes...:)