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Mar 21, 2007


This is simply breath-taking.

Designer Erin Adams created these beautiful circular-shaped mosaics of hand-mixed artisan glass for Ann Sacks. With various to-die-for colours and sizes to choose from, you sure have endless possibilities to create an unique feature wall. Also available in oval-shaped mosaics.

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3 comments: on "RUNNING IN CIRCLES"

stephanie said...

Gorgeous! Hope more colours will be available down the road.

Anyway, thanks for the link. I was just scouring for ideas for my bathroom remodelling at the moment.

berry said...

This is just lovely, real beautiful. It's a bit odd but by just looking at the mosaics makes me feel great. Thanx for the link!

cardboard said...

Wow! That got me! I'm not sure how long I would be stunned into adoration by it but I think a small section of wall in this mosaic could live in my heart forever. So fun!