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Apr 3, 2007


People always ask me where my ideas or creativity come from. Now there's really too many sources - one of which is photo clipping. Clipping is a large part of keeping my mind working and the creative juices flowing whenever I'm experiencing a creative burnout. But do not be mistaken that clipping means copying. We only collect ideas we come across, study what others have done and build upon those ideas to suit problems on hand. That doesn't constitute plagarism, does it?

From this post onwards, we'll regularly share our favourite clippings with you people. These will be pictures depicting creative interior design concepts caught over our radars at any given time. Hopefully, you'll also appreciate these clever ideas and give us some comments on what you think! Enjoy!

(Concept pictures courtesy of Steve Leung Designers, Ministry Of Design and Desire To Inspire)


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7 comments: on "CLIPPING"

jon said...

OMG, the wall tiles in that bathroom are beautiful.

berry said...

Luv the table over the cured floor. Ooo la la....

Anonymous said...

Thanks for all the nice photos!I really enjoy your blog very much!

Jennifer Ramos said...

bathroom is amazing.would prefer that in red though.
Jennifer Ramos

anna said...

I love that headboard design. That's really posh-looking!!:O

Maryam in Marrakesh said...

That curved floor is truly incredible. How did they do those bottles on an angle, I am wondering?

Anonymous said...

The curved floor is a skater's dream comes true.