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Apr 3, 2007


Shak In Style conducted a light-hearted interview with me earlier. Thanks to the guys over at Shakadoo for giving me an opportunity to muse about work, blogging and my guilty pleasures. I'm sorry for selling myself here, but if you are in the mood to hear someone blabber on and on about himself and the work he does, click here. You have been warned...

PS: On a sidenote, the people at Shakadoo somehow misintepreted one of my replies. As a matter of fact, there's a lot of GOOD, talented interior designers in Singapore. There's just too few interior RE-designers here...


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3 comments: on "SHAK INTERVIEW"

kristen said...

I am so sorry I misinterpreted your reason for starting your business. But I get the picture now. Surely there is a lots of talent regarding design in Singapore....we just happen to think you are the BEST!

KNQ Associates said...

Hi Kristen, that's alright. Many of our prospective clients who came to us don't really understand what we can do for them differently in the first place. But they like the Home Rejuvenation idea after they get it!