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Apr 25, 2007


Imelda, our blogger friend from Imedagoze, points us to this wonderfully sculptured bench Sushi from Hungarian designer Gabor Jutasi. Simplicity is the order of the day here, and this Asian-inspired piece really brings to mind the traditional Japanese Torii. I really dig the curve and proportion. As Imelda puts it, it's simply gorgeous!


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6 comments: on "SUSHI, ANYONE?"

Anonymous said...



hi stan: thank you for the kind mention. Gabor's work is simply amazing, isn't it? :)

KNQ Associates said...

Yes Imelda, the design of this bench is really amazing.

jon said...

WOW...This is beautiful.

** Terramia ** said...

Clean, simple lines... equals stunning and gorgeous!

berry said...

This bench is simple and nice. Way way better than many overly-designed stuff out there.