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Apr 8, 2007


Designklub points us to this wonderful piece of table, or err... chair. Now, we don't hear much of Austrian design. So imagine my joy the moment I set my eyes on this multi-functional piece of furniture called, quite aptly, Table Chair designed by Buchegger, Denoth & Feichtner. You may think that the retro graphics on the inside look just a tad gimmicky (we think so too), but when you have such a clever and versatile piece at your disposal, that issue becomes secondary.


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4 comments: on "TABLE CHAIR"

jon said...

Sorry stan but i like the graphics! Very sixties...

Anonymous said...

Very clever design!

Your Ex-Colleague, The Lovely Winda. Surprise! said...

when i move, will you do up my room for free?

for old times' sake.


KNQ Associates said...

Of course we will, Winda!