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Jun 18, 2007


I guess many of you don't know that I studied in Australia. It's really my fault – I (and Stan) have never really properly introduced myself to you people. Well, my days as an Interior Architecture student at the University of New South Wales were fun, and I really enjoy every minute of my 3 years stay there. Imagine the clear blue skies and the pleasant weather. The latter is reason enough to make me wanna make another trip back there instantly. But with my current workload, I can only dream on.

Some of my fondest moments have gotta be the times when I'll pop by art galleries and flea markets with my pals from the Arts faculty (you know who you are!). I love art, and what better opportunities than these to get to window shop for beautiful pieces? Mind you, that's already the best deal for an art-hungry student with not much extra pennies in the pocket.

Talking about Australian art, I somehow have a taste for Aboriginal art. Maybe it's the bold graphics or the strong colours. I don't know, I just dig it. I even bought 2 stunning Aboriginal art pieces from a close artist friend about a year ago, though I haven't got the time to get the canvases stretched and framed. Poor things.

So, much fond memories came back today when I read about this particular home (on Style Files) that's already been featured in Australian Vogue Living, Decor8, Desire To Inspire (I hope I'm not the last one to find out about this apartment!). This is the home of Linda Gregoriou. A home chocked full of fantastic aboriginal art. Each and every artwork is stunning in its own right, and that only makes for a dramatic statement when these are placed together. The blending of these ethnic pieces with gorgeous, modern furniture and lighting from the likes of Ingo Maurer and Antonio Citterio really adds character to the room. Really love the unique design style.

Do you have any comments on this apartment? Love it as much as I do? Hate it? I'm eager to hear from you.


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5 comments: on "MODERN ABORIGINAL"

kim. said...

I cannot begin to tell you how much I love this apartment. I LOVE the colours in the artwork and the fact that they're hung from floor to ceiling. This place is to die for. Loved it when Jo posted it and still love it. Judging by my use of the word love, you'd think I really loved it ;)

KNQ Associates said...

Kim, this is really a nice home with an ethnic touch. I also LOVE the way how the modern furniture and the artwork came together perfectly.

midcenturyjo said...

She's had several amazing homes but the standout in each is her stellar aboriginal art collection. And she is lovely as well. After my post she sent the sweetest email. I'll try to find some more pictures of her previous homes and email them to you.

jon said...

This is lovely. I love the bright colors of the art. The hanging light is special too.

Anonymous said...

This home really changed my perception of Aboriginal art. I'm from Australia and am awed by how great these art work goes with contemporary design classics.

Fantastic post, KUS!