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Jun 1, 2007


I have a love-hate affair with rocking chairs. I still remember climbing onto my grandma's really old-looking rocking cane chair when I was much younger and having a hell of a good time on it. Really, which kid doesn't enjoy that relaxing to and fro motion? That is, if you don't rock it so hard you topple over and land on your back like I did back then! And imagine the scolding that came immediately after! But no matter what, in my eyes, a rocking chair is basically a very fun toy blown up to adult proportions. It never fails to evoke memories of my 'foolish' childhood.

Now that I'm older and less inclined to rock rough, I would very much love to sit in Jessica Nebel's Rocking Cube. Padded with foam in all the right places, this sleek chair 'represents more than an ordinary rocking chair... It is like a sculpture'. I especially love those detailings like the wooden veneer at the inner side of the chair.

Grandma, here I rock again!


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4 comments: on "ROCK THAT CUBE!"

Anonymous said...

That must have beena bad fall to make you hate a roacking chair!:P

Maryam in Marrakesh said...

Very hipster looking!

berry said...

Looks so cute!

modmom said...

i'm going to link this post on my new freelance job at the brand new