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Jul 25, 2007


Having assumed the role of a blogger for close to 1½ years now, I have only the most wonderful things to say about the whole blogging phenomenon. Suddenly, we have one new medium, other than magazines and TV, to get our daily fix of the latest design news and development. But blogging is so very different from the rest of the mediums. For one, it allows the publishers, or bloggers, to connect with their audience on a personal level. And with the rising demand for up-to-date information on the go, you can be sure that blogs are here to stay.

KUS and I have 'studied' hundreds of design-related blogs over the years. Some are started years before ours, while others got into the game much later. With so many design blogs around, it's no wonder we often put ourselves in the shoes of the average reader and ponder, "Which ones are really worth my time?" Thus, KUS and I have come up with a list of 10 design blogs we think you simply have to visit. We have to stress that we do not mean blogs which are not listed here are nowhere as good. It's just that we love to visit these blogs regularly for the inspiration and entertainment they provide. We've also made it a point to not include too many well-known design blogs because we wish to bring your attention to the lesser-known (or should I say overlooked) ones. Moreover, chances are you may already have known about or visited the more popular blogs before.

The following blogs offer most elements of a good design blog which we are looking for. In no particular order, I give you this somewhat subjective list:

Not that I can read Spanish, but the beautiful images on this blog alone convey everything I need to know. Of course, Yahoo's translator will help a lot here.

An Indian Summer
Bhavna's blog is a collection of great design ideas and inspiration, with a special focus on India.

Desire To Inspire
There's no way to leave this blog out. Before this, there's no way gorgeous interiors from all over the world can come so happily together. Their desire to inspire really shows...

MoCo LoCo
This is the place to get your regular dose of reports on cutting-edge design. Highly recommended.

Design Milk
See above.

An Eye For An I:nterior
This lady has an eye for anything that is stylish, not just interiors only.

Better Living Through Design
Better Living Through Design is an e-magazine for anyone interested in great modern design.

The Mid-Century Modernist
This blog is a celebration of everything that made the 1940s to 1970s era such an important one in design history.

Feast your eyes on the latest design products here.

2Modern Design Talk
With topics ranging from architecture to interior design to home accessories, Deanna's design talk is anything but boring.

Do you have any more good design blogs to share? Leave me your comments.


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15 comments: on "10 DESIGN BLOGS TO VISIT"

berry said...

Here are my 10 favorites:

apartment therapy
design spotter
print and pattern
dress your nest

pve design said...

another shade of grey
brooklyn tweed (knitting guru)
desire to inspire
and of course your blog is awesome!

Anonymous said...

Bhavna said...

Thank you KUS and Stan! An Indian Summer is exactly a month old today and it feels great to be part of your list! :-)


KNQ Associates said...

Hi Bhavna,KUS has become one your blog's biggest fans! He loves the amazing pics you've put up!

Keep up the blogging!


KNQ Associates said...

You know what, people? I've been wanting to find out which design blogs are popular and the reasons for them being so. REALLY REALLY hope to see much more comments on what your favorite blogs are...

So everybody, come share with us here! I believe there are too many great design and decor blogs out there that are not receiving the attention they should rightfully be getting...


jon said... - it's just engaging! - nice pics and info - blog on real stylish design - nice blog frm a graphic designer - design blog with a feminine touch...hehehe
and...your blog of course!!!!

designFan said...

Anonymous said...

I love Desire to Inspire!

kim. said...

Awwwww, thanks for the mention Stan! Alot of my favs were mentioned but here's a few more: Casapinka, Scrappy Girl Decorates, black.white.bliss, sfgirlbybay etc. etc.

midcenturyjo said...

Thanks guys! Really appreciate the inclusion in your top 10. I love everyone mentioned so far but I particularly want to single out Bhavna and her wonderful new blog An Indian Summer. I think it is so important that Asian blogs are seen and appreciated. The design scene has been based too long on American and European models. It's about time that the Asian (and dare I say Australian) scene is represented. You guys are of course great ambassadors for the cause.

KNQ Associates said...

Thanks for the kind words, midcenturyjo! That's exactly what I was thinking too. There are too many design blogs from U.S and Europe but too few in Asia (unless my radar didn't catch them?). There are fantastic designs in Asia too.

Luckily we've got friends like Bhavna and Imelda(from Imedagoze) from the region at the moment...

Bhavna said...

Thank you, Jo! It has been to great to get such awesome support from you and Kim, and all the other regular readers and commenters on An Indian Summer. I love design, specially the immense possibilities of marrying asian design into more global design sensibilities - Hope i am able to present that through my blog.

Stan/KUS: You guys are the best! I saw some of your work, and puffed up a bit that such awesome designers actually liked my inspirational finds! :)

[Yikes..what started as a comment has become a full blown letter!]

jon said...


Another Shade of Grey


Apartment Therapy

Peak of Chic

Anonymous said...

huh. informative style :)