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Jul 28, 2007


Have a pool at home? These Acquaglobo floating lamps from Slide, the Italian lighting virtuosos, make for a romantic night out in the water. Seven different sizes allow you to make a solar system of safety-ensured lights. If you don't like the idea of running electricity over water, garden versions are available too.


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5 comments: on "ACQUAGLOBO"

Anonymous said...

Hi.. im new to this blog. not too good with all the design. however i love the concept of this pool. -hpad

jon said...

What's the purpose of placing lights in the water in the first place? But the balls do look kind of cute.

Bhavna said...

Great find Stan. I can imagine how romantic these would look in a pool!

I would assume that Slide would have taken care of the safety aspect ...(?)

KNQ Associates said...

It's definitely safe to use on the water, but as Jon rightly points out, why anyone would place a light in the waters is anyone's guess.

blinkaccount said...

Love these Stan. What an ambiance for an evening poolside party.