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Jul 11, 2007


I haven't been to a function for a long long time. So it was pretty exciting but downright nerve-wrecking when I attended one last night. Why, you've got to dress up and 'try' to look your best. And don't even mention striking up conversations! Definitely not my cup of tea. Nevertheless, once I got past those issues, I eventually enjoyed myself during the whole event as I get to reconnect with old-time pals whom I haven't spoke to for ages, as well as to meet new like-minded friends. Amidst the good music and endless flow of wine, we talked about work, people and common passions. It was a good evening all in all...

Talking about common passions, pretty much of our conversations centered on art and the art scene. You see, a lot of my friends at the event (old and new) are in the art and framing business, or are avid art collectors. We talked about our favorite artists and the up-and-coming ones from around the Asia region. Needless to say, being the art bug I am, I was totally immersed in it all.

Anyway, back to the main subject, my good friend Martha has a collection of well-maintained art prints (which dates back to over a decade ago) of the beautiful works by famed Southeast Asian pioneer artist Lee Man Fong (Chinese, Guangzhou, Canton, China, 1913 - Jakarta, Indonesia 1988). She is planning to sell off some of these prints, each of which is personally signed by the late artist himself, and asked me if there are any takers among my clients. Lee Man Fong is one of my favourite artists, and is widely considered as a master painter who integrated traditional Chinese and modern European elements. He was skilled in ink, pencil, water color, charcoal, pastel, gouache on paper, oil on canvas and on hardboard. He created graphic works with etching and wood cut, and his themes varied from plants, flowers and landscapes to objects, old buildings, animals and humans. I especially love the details that goes into each and every painting of his.

I upload and share with you guys here the pictures of some of the gorgeous works she emailed me this afternoon. Click on these images for a closer look. If you are interested to get any of these prints for your home, do contact Martha at

P.S: Martha told me she'll be keeping the prints very affordable, so no harm checking with her !:-)


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berry said...

Wow...these are beautiful...I love the artwork of the parrots and the Bali woman.

jon said...

Beautiful art.